Electrical Service in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County

Call Anton Electric with questions about your Electrical Service. The electrical service is where power is delivered to your house, monitored and distributed to the entire property. The circuit breaker panel is the epicenter of your home electrical system.  Older houses were originally installed with 60amp or 100amp services. Because of the increase in the use of electrical appliances and heating and cooling systems, most new homes are being constructed with 200amp electrical services.

There are 4 parts of a home electrical service:  the electrical service cable, the meter socket, the electrical service panel, and proper grounding. All of the parts must be replaced when upgrading your home electrical service.

At Anton Electric we have a considerable amount of expertise and experience in helping a homeowner figure out power requirements. When considering a home service upgrade there are multiple factors for you to think about. Electrical appliances, central air conditioning, and electric heat are just a few of the factors involved in your home's energy consumption. With the constantly expanding use of technology in home systems the use of electricity is becoming efficient.

For example, if you are planning to replace older or outdated kitchen appliances you may need to upgrade your current electrical appliance wiring. Electric ovens and sub-zero refrigerator have specific electrical requirements that may be different than your current appliances. Some double ovens can cook two whole turkeys at the same time but require a 60amp dedicated electrical receptacle compared to your old 15amp gas oven. Significant kitchen renovations usually require an electrical service upgrade.

If you are thinking about upgrading or replacing your electrical service, contact Anton Electric at 215.836.9600.  We can evaluate and give you an honest, cost-effective quote.